Behind The Blog

Behind this blog

Here i am. Im shaima meizer that owns this blog and type whatever the hell i wanna type. Im a student in yphb shs in indonesia. Right now, i live in indonesia, but hope so later ill move again to another country and travel the whole world. Well, in my real life, im a makeup artist, love to design graphics, write poems, and so many other hobbies. I love to make everything that smells art. But even i had that all, im still just an ordinary girl that was born and given a chance to live this limited life. It will be a valuable life if i thought that its limited, because i know that living in this world is only once. We all got one chance to live. Im kind of a girl thats almost messed up by my works, and other stuffs.
Grown up in a happy family thats always noisy and messed up. I love my family. I was the first lil baby girl that was born J and now in growing up as their teen girl haha. And now i have a brother and a sister. They are annoying but they are so precious to me.
Inspirations, motivations, and all the positive things are the best for me. It makes life more colorful J
I love Allah swt. The one that had gave me this chance and let me live it in the world.
I love Nabi Muhammad saw. The one that has given us the way to move out from the darkness to the bright ones.
I love my family. They are the most precious and incredible humans in my life.
I love my friends that always color the pages of school days.