Sunday, 9 March 2014

Why did i agreed about contraception?

First of all is about contraception definition. Contraception is a sex tool to prevent childbirth / pregnancy. It is the most safe tool to prevent pregnancy when a couple arent ready to have a childbirth in the family. There are different types of contraception for both gender, which means female and male types. Get the right contraception that suits you . There are the pills and mini pills, injectable contraception, the coil, intraterine system ( IUS ), the implant, the patch, vaginal ring, diaphragms/ caps, natural methods for a female condom. And there are male condoms, male sterilisation, absistence for males. The males tools are less than the females one
The purpose of contraception is to prevent conception/ impregnation ( pregnancy ). Contraception helps to control childbirth amount in a family. It helps a women to control when does she want to have a baby. So it means its a sex tool to prevent of fertilization of the ovum by sperm cells. Contraception is the most used sex tool / method rather than contragestion/ abortion.
Its called as a family table planning because its a step to avoid pregnancy before the couple gets ready for the baby birth. There are some reasons why a family  must have a planning table. When a family isnt ready to have a baby they better avoid it into a certain age. Economical problems, which means that a babybirth already costs alot of money. And when the baby grows up and gets older the parents have to fullfil their primary needs. In indonesia we believe that the more kids we have the more money we get. But reality shows different. Its definitly different from the fact that the more kids we have the less we can take a good care of them. Couples that arent ready will have a lot of problems in their marriage. Because they’ll live a deppresed life. Its just like a nightmare. Having alot of kids means that we have to be ready to rise the kids happily like any ather normal kids. Having their own room, space, clothes, foods, and medical cares will spend even more money. But the problem is our people who lives in poverty dont know anything about contraception. They may be know about condoms, but not all of them can use condoms in the right way. Because they were never thaught about contraception and contragestion. They only know about abortion which can kill the women when shes having the abortion surgery. Most of our public’s problem is the economical problem that causes alot of families depression to have a baby birth. So our government desided to to influence the public by KB movement. Which means 2 kids is better for a happy family.
Contraception is not a pervy thing to learn about when its thaught in the right way. So, dont feel dirty or some sort of bad feelings for this case. Its a part of our lives and its a must to learn about it these days, especially there are a lot of young marriage nowadays.