Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A lady's mind ways

A lady's mind is totally different from any other creatures in the whole universe-

I can't believe my thoughts anymore, its positive but it kills the soul that loved him once. It teared me apart when he said that he's not ready yet to let me in to his soul. I thought that he would love me once a day.
I asked you " do you have any other feelings for me ? "
You said, " not this time lady..."
I hugged you and knew that it will be the ending between us, I knew that moment for is gonna be our last time to stare the eyes and talk like that way, yes I can feel it all .
The feeling that understands and tries to accept reality . My heart whispers to the All Mighty to let Him be by my side, I couldn't stand up and get up from my pathety.
I know that the others will say how pathetic am I , but I understand that this was a lesson. A lesson that i 'll never forget for the rest of my lifetime.
Guiltyness, was the equal at the end of this story because I realized my mistaken steps and behaviour for not accepting the right guy.

My dearest gentleman,

" You loved me , I can't accept you
Day by day I loved you and seems that ignorance was your decision upon me
Treated me like a stranger that was in a love story where you was gentleman with no fears to speak love
At the end, the lady's heart knew,
how guilty she ended up her own love story... "

May you end up your life by happinesses and Blessed by His blessings. And hugs you with His protection. Always.

With love ,
The lady of the story