Friday, 6 July 2012

Dreams are only dreams!!!

Now, Im saying that dreams are only dreams! It will never ever be real if life had thought me the facts of these shits. Ill not stop to make movements to let you out of this life. Sorry, i cant be the old once. I cant be what you wanted me to be. I cant be your doll to play, lie, and give ur empty hopes to. I cant be like a fool once. Only cause of my heart. Thats what i get when i let my heart wins in my past days.Now, new page new hope new miracles. I only hope for those all. Expecting the right once. I only hope a good hope, cause Ill never give any chance to the bad once to stop me on moving on from you or even all of yours.Its me time. Its about me, myself, and i. None of these people will stop me to chase back of what i wanted be, y destiny. Color my dreams so i can be my own sunshine. Color my days, so it will be filled by happiness. None of the shits or sadness is allowed to come into my life. I live my days. My lives. Even took a sleep as a sleeping beauty. Feeling warm. Close to the beloved once. Close to those who are coloring my days with a lot of smiling as the wonders of my sketchbook. And gives me the best of cheers that i had never ever given by you.And for you too, i still say that i hope you will find someone better than my own. Thanks. Nighty world.