Sunday, 24 June 2012

Words To Say

The sun goes down, the stars goes up. Here’s the time, when night breezes our sleeping beauty by the cold softly wind. This night is darken deeply by the lonely soul. Sitting and typing here, is warmer than talking to someone else. May be its better to sit here, rather than telling my besties how did I felt this long time.

I wished that I missed all the times that I had been wasting for loving you. But I wonder how about the lessons that I had learned it. I learned it, so well. Im already gone. Im asking you for not bothering me. when im moving on for a step forward, you always interrupt me and put me back again for thousands backwards. Remember? How you let me fall apart? Remember how strong and though I was for facing those people who always calls your name? trying to remind me of your voie, sweetest human’s smiling on earth planet and all of your everything? Remember that all? Well, now im already gone! Cause honestly, the truth is that now I really loved to say in your face,”who do you think you’re? trying to fall me apart. When im collecting scares, tears, and jars of hearts. So tell me, who do you think you’re to tear my heart with every single thing that you do in my face? You’re my beloved, and that was only “ a was”. Not now anymore! You’re the past and will always be the past.

Im already gone and done of you. You’re my darkest noghts now. U tear me into pieces of tiny papers that you threw to somewhere that no one can figure out of me. u rubbed all my pretty things for you. I was only a was for you. I realize it now. After we spoke to eachother. Facing eachother. Only me and you. Heart to heart. But not from the most warm eyes where I usually stare at. Through our phones. There was the rare truth sentences that you told me. Im the start and I last it on finish. Im glad that you came and entered my life. You colored my daydreams. Every single page filled by beautiful splashes of natural feelings that grows older and older each days.

Im realizing every single word of every single sentence. Im opening my mind. Im trying to deny it all the time, but not this time. Cause I know how it hurts me when I deny it for too long. I wasn’t closing my eyes, my mind, and even my heart that has welcomed for the broken hearts and all the falling apart feelings. If I had taken this step, it means that im ready to fulfill myself with a lot of stuffs that can make out the most of my daydreams and my pretty softly winded nights. I know myself when im in this part of the life game. Its not gameover. And I didn’t asked you to make sure of something of mine. Cause im nobody for you. Nobody for you forever. Never for now, neither for later. I buried all the big dreams and hopes that was wishing for. At that moment, when I was wishing for a miracle of this love story, I actually knew how fool am I wishing for something that’s unexpected. But fool me! I had been ambitious.

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