Wednesday, 25 April 2012

You Fake It

i loved you. loved you with all of my heart.

i let my soul left behind . oh! faraway from my foot steps.
i want you to know that, im still here. still here. still keepin faith on you. believing you and loving you.
oh yes! you left me behind. you blinded me from the inner part of this hole. you made me feel all types of feelings, and it wasnt expected...that you were the only one who can make a change on my ways.

you made me fly passing through the skies that was like " A Dream Came True " in a princess fairy land. you made me smile like a fool girl that was loving someone that leaves herself falling apart without any signs of ignorance.
yeah ! you made that all surrounding my days. 
" how could you let him leaves me like this? is it only because love cant be forced to him? i never wanted to force my feelings for him. i just let my feelings show up by its own way. yeah! with all my honesty... that i was expecting him to be the one who'll and can replace my heart for the rest of life. i know that we;re young. but its not bad to think in this way. i just dont get it... why you people judge me? and you!!! you!! you're telling me to move on. but..... at last you made me fall apart. by my own."

and thats the silence of her teared heart.

may be...
someday you'll realize that i was true in love with a guy like your type but the may be someday im gone to somewhere thats so faraway from your foot steps sounds... 

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