Monday, 2 January 2012

Missing you is something that’s positive (But it kills me slowly)

Its a good feeling to miss someone that roams in our life. Its good if they realize it and they felt just the same as us. But if not, then you will have to let yourself suffer knowing that they dont have any special feelings.
A girl says: “Im dying of missing someone like him. I let myself fallen a part. I dont mind that all. But I just cant see him loving other girl that was only nice to him. I know that I cant judge someone like this, but his closest best friend told me that he crushes a girl. Shes a junior girl but in afraid that she’s kinda one of a bitch. Thats why she didnt really want to know about his love stories. And she knows me she knows me so well. But I and his closest best friend never show up how close we are to each other.
I cant lie that sometimes I feel like a bad girl that loves a good boy. But however in just an ordinary girl, in a bad ones. But my badass isnt that “BAD” ones. I cant deny how I feel about him. Sometimes I feel how stupid am I to let myself fallin love with him. I was making jokes, laughs, funs of him and my besties. But now??? Im the one that crushes him. Im the one that adores him. I felt stupid of my own feelings. I made this and thatbut I never gave it to him. How could I give him this all? And take another kind of a bad risk. This means he will try to be not close to me. He will be faraway. What I know about him is when a girl comes over and had a crush on him, he never give a green light. If he doesnt like to talk to her then, he will just be cool. Keep silence. He will try to be far away from her. So that the girl will never get closer or try to be closer to him.
I dont want that to happen to me. It kills me more. I thank Allah because He helped me for letting go my feelings. But honestly I still keep this all inside of me. I just dont want to talk here and there too much about it. I just let one or two to know about this. I tell my stories here. I cant just keep quite like this. Cause if I didnt sit it out, it will kill me slowly. Oh God, I just hope that he will have the same feelings as me.

Hoping the hopless. Wishing for something that will never come true.
Dreaming the dreams that will never be real in my life.
But I still keep my ways positive.
I will always love you for the rest of my life.
I will take this all till death takes me home.

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