Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Just wait till he comes to me??

Till when I have to keep my feelings inside my heart? I can kill myself cause of loving him. I know in a fool to wait someone like him, but how could I take a handle of my situation? Tell me!!! The girl started to tear down after reading his notes. The girl realized all the things that she did for him, would never ever give to him. Dying cause of love is the most painful feelings.
The matter is why cant I let him go? Why? Am I that crazy? Tell me why??!!
No one is telling me why! But at least diang said something! To let go the one we love is so hard. More than hard. Shes right, she told me that words. But still I didnt let him go. Im tired and sick of myself. Im proud of myself to be individualism. Im proud hey!!! Dont let me down. Dont let me love you more! Dont judge me with your love. Dont even judge me cause in loving you.
Knowing this all makes me fear of love. Im afraid to tell you how she let herself dropping down. Sometimes I wonder why this kind of cases happens for many times. It hurts, it makes people uncontrolled, here are the dramas of emotions are playing on, they got the chance to let these people falls down. A lot of negative things that they get. They would do a lot of things. But. I thank God, for protecting this girl. Cause this girl, never got crazy or mad in the real life. She had a tough time. But she promised to be stronger than the past days. She is doing good things right now. Making this and that but still positive. And what makes me proud of her is that she is now the 8th rank in the class. Not really perfect ranking she got, but at least now shes not the last one yeah?? Hahhhaha. Well, in my side sometimes I fear of love. Cause I think it does really hurts a lot. Its enough for people who are dropping down cause of LOVE-SICK. But if you love someone just let it in its own way.
I cant say that you must forget about love but what Im saying is that you have the right to love someone and to be loved by someone else. We all had the right to let love come in our life, but keep distance is better. We are warning ourselves from now. Rather than too much hurts that well feel at last.
Sometimes it last in love but sometimes it hurts instead- Adele

Remember this, how bad are heartbreaks? Well, theyre pretty bad. But it doesnt last forever, and at the end of the day, youre still alive and youre okay. In fact, you might actually be better.

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