Tuesday, 23 August 2011

HATERS grlzs


Yeah sure you know what that means yup?
We’re HATERS-grlzs !!!
Did you know about us? Nope? Uh that’s impossible uhm hahahahha
Ok its ok if you don’t know us, cause you’re nobody and that’s the reason why you don’t know about our girls. Hahahha.
We do really fuckin damn love our HATERS. Cause we know that actually they are envy and wondering to be in this position now!
There is Delima Mahdiyanti Lestari, Diang Herahmahdinar, Shaima Hamzah, Aina Elric, and Ayu Lestari. We spend our days in the same school, at YPHB SHS in BOGOR, Indonesia. We had a lot of fun things to do it together. We go and shake some funs here and there we had a lot of craziness. We shakeour butts to the right and left !! the point is we had a lot of funs. For sure that me, delima, diang, ai, and ayu had differences in our characters. We don’t know why we are in one heart but we know that we feel happy when we’re together.
We couldn’t fill eachother yeah? If we were in the same forms of characters?? Hahahhahha that’s why I loved these girls without and denies or excuses. Ahhahha.

She’s a dancer, japan lover, she’s in good physical form (hhhahha). She’s not kind, neither nice. But she’s the one from the others that’s so clop with me. And I totally love her. Well, she’s in my side and we do the breakings in a same way. Dancing, music, and blackberry is so stiked to this sexy lady. Usually she’s my icon when I talk about dirty things. Cause she looks so uhuy hahhahha.

Ayu is a homey girl. She loves to read novels, spending times by her own, love her room, not too messy as me or Ai. But she’s cute when she shakes her butts and dance like a duck. Well known by other people. Her talent is in modeling. She keeps quite when she’s in the class, or by her own. She’s fun when we gather at our usual corner at school. Novel, ipod, earphone are her stuffs.

She’s a big fan of Lady Gaga. She’s a vintage girly girl. She loves music and her instruments are violin and piano. She wants to be fashionable. She had a cool vintage hair. And u gotta be so careful if love of being late, cause Diang is a girl that loves to be in a hurry or she really be on time in everything. I meant REALLY ON TIME. And im the one who’s suffering from this habbits from her -_-“. Imagination, shy, superstar, Lady Gaga are all in her mind and soul #maybe hmmm.

A girl of Disney world. Why I said that? Because she’s live with her “ Winnie The Pooh” life. She’s so kind and I always hurt her feelings. I love to annoy her. She’s such a good cute girl. She’s so feminine and not too crazy of fashion. She loves all the Pooh things. So in love with orange and yellow color, cause its dominant to her icon, back again to the main topic “ Winnie the pooh” . sometimes she looks like a kid but she could be a normal teen either :p

Well, the last is about me. Yeah I can’t figure out a lot. Im crazy, flirty, the naughty girl among the others ( that what ai and the others said ). I love fashion, art is fake but real for me. I could be easy going, love to break the rules. Animals are my love. I spend a lot for typing now. Annoying, excited, curious, fuckin damn habbits, make ups, laptop. Internet, blackberry are all so sticky in my life. My HEADSET don’t forget. All my craziness is according to my mood.

I love to kiss girls, especially ayu. She’s the girl that I kissed her in her lips for twice. Its not because im a lesbian and in fact im not a lesbians girl. Im still normal in other meanings. The reason why I kissed her is because she’s so annoying when I try to kiss her she will runaway from me. And I kissed her in front the male toilet at Botani Square mall Bogor. Hahha. That was funny for sure.
I love my Haters grlzs they are up normal and crazy, cute, not kind but a lot of funs. Well now I’ll stop talkin about us hahha.

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