Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Well, im really sad this time. Cause my daddy still cant accept me and all my lovely likings. You know what? I feel so sorry about this, but I still hope that there would be a change between me and dad. Actually I know its only about time and the communications , but it’s a lil bit hard to say it to dad, that I couldn’t stop myself from loving animals.
Dad, hates snakes. While me? Sure I love snakes! I’m a reptile lover, and the most I love is snakes!!! At first I could get it that my daddy will ignore his daughter if she stills loves snakes. but now, its hard for me to keep away from snakes. I hope that my dad will say something positive about snakes. but in the same time I don’t really expect to much for this one. Hahahhha. Yeah dad, you will have to accept me and all my weirdows.
My daddy says that me, and all in me, what are in me are all his not only mine. It means that “ he meant to say the pointer -IM THE OWNER OF YOU!!!-  aarggh! I know that dad! But ayah please love me and all that I fell in love with. Cause I believe that you are going to accept me as Shaima “The Snakes Lover”. I want to buy a snake, but there will be a a quake of our shoutings to each other. But at last I really want to say sorry to be so rude and not polite to u L but I don’t want to say it directly. Cause I know that if I apologized to u, the u are the winner of our fighting. Daddy, I know that u love me, but sometimes I just need your understanding about all my loving. Its not only about the kinship that is related with our bloods. But its also about you and the way you show us to act in the whole life cycles.
I need you to be the one that could understand me and my condition and all that’s in me. I love you dad. And I will always love you and love mom for sure. You both are the most expensive, precious people that I really, most love. No one will love me like the way u loved me now, before, later and even till my last breath :’) :*

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