Saturday, 9 July 2011

Well this is so FUKIN' BORED

well i cant lie that i feel so fuckin annoyed. cause i was handling my tears inside. i don't wanna cry! I'm not a fool to cry like what i want! hahahha. OK now i just feel nothing i don't even feel there's something good going to happen. i feel that I'm crazy, i wanna cry. i just remembered what happened a few days ago. that was so stuck and keeping me down. what happen is about something privately. its kinda about my love stories. honestly, i don't know how to tell you or explain it to you how i feel right now! its so hard. cause everything goes so messed up i feel that I'm going crazy. i remembered how we talked these 2 days n the phone. it was so fun. and even we talked about this and that. a lot of things that was our topic. and i was so happy to hear about he's stories. i did better know what is he doing and what does he feels. i just still feel so sad that i have to hide a lot. to keep it inside of me. and you know what??? i just turned off my bb cause i think thats better for me. may be now i'll turn off my laptop and i'll keep silent and drink a hot, very hot glass of tea with honey. it would be better aha yeah? hahahha ok then, i'll stop for awhile and tell u my stories later on guys!


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