Tuesday, 12 July 2011

happy birthday mommy! you're so amazing and all what i wanna say is mom you're adorable and keep it up! we all love you! no matter
what happen! you're my womanizer mom!


this was me tryin to make videos for mom for her birthday hahahha! yeah i know its so messy. hahahhaa. but the point is that i keep tryin to make her happy and always smile :*

this was me and mb iyut- she's the nurse of my lil sister :p
we made in the same time with the first video that was only me :)
hahhahahhaha! that it was funny and so much of fun!

this mb mona ... -___________-"

when i was celebrating my moms birthday at nighty! I'm really sorry mom that everything is so messed.
what i wish for mom is all the good things for her. i love you so much mom :D sorry for these messes. hope you're happy and felt fun cause celebrating the birthday only both of us is so crazy maaan! hahahhahha

the last is,
grabbing some pictures of me and mommy !! yuhuuuuuu

and that's all the craziness we always do hahahha! yeah you r righty if you all said that we are so crazy!!! woooohhhoooooo!!!

 i'm still your lil girl mom! but I'm just growin' up and older :D keep smiling and happy mom! hihiihihihih


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