Monday, 11 July 2011

( Thank GOD for this DAY )

yeah yeah yeah ! honestly, i felt happy that today i had fun-randoms of funs! hahahhaha!
school----mom arrived me at petshop-----went to GOR to see Wina practicing her favorites ^Basket ball^-----waiting for about 4 hours---

so,first of all is that i went to my school to pay the pairs that i have to pay it. then, after that is i went to the petshop to meet my lovely snake BELLA :* feelin' so excited that i played with her. cause a few days ago before i came there today i met bella but it wasnt allowed for me to touch her. cause she was shadding . its kinda process of changing skin for a snake. its a periode syep that must happen to every snake in the whole universe. 
ehem ehem.... back to the topic. yup! met bella and played with her for about 5 hours or maybe less or even more. i didnt really count how many time did i spent with her. but the most amazing is that today i didnt just played with bella but also i played - actually its my therapy step to touch mices. or you could call it "a small white rat". yeah bang iwan and bang barong are my favorites. actually bang iwan is the most nice person there. cause he cares about me wwhen i look crazy over there. yup yup yup ! thats why today i spent a lot my times with he's works and ofcourse im trying to help to make his work comes easier. hahahha. 

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