Friday, 22 July 2011

my New PEOPLE !!!!

ahay! yup today I went to school meeting the big boss that gonna handle my class. 

a class with crazy people. i think that this class would have a lot of craziness. cause passing through the humans over there makes me feel fuuny ?_?" i cant get it what i meant ! hahahhaha.

i loved my new 11th grade class and may be i will love my new humans that are having different characters.
Mr. Rully Ramdansyah is the big boss of my class. he's an art subject teacher. what i love from him is that he will never ever make he's students seems bad in front of their parents. hihihihi. u know why? cause almost i d bad habbits at my school. but actually its just a small bad thing. but sometimes the teachers would tell everyone that its a huge big or bigger than huge problem that may be we couldn't handle it -____________-" i didn't say that its every time but i only said that its just sometimes :p hahahhha.

today the members of the class was only about ....
let me mention the names better,
risyad rinaldy the one we know as our young rapper, anindya salihah, febriyandi that we call him with he's lovely cute winnie the pooh nick " pepep ", diang herahmahdinar my closest, me as shaima hamzah sungkar, aimi mutia kamal, surya, and the other one with a male gender. i just forgot his name. hehe. Peace buddy!

yup and the others wasn't joining the class. as the first day -___-". hahay
and when Mr. rully entered the class we just hit the chairs over there. we were listening he's opening for the first time. it was just mixed. my first case is as usual -_-" i had a bit problem sticky probs with my stomach. it was handled for sure. but it made me feeling sick and typing this now -_-"
i had a big rush with my stomach! it wanted to let out all that i ate 0_0 so the point is that i had a big PUP !!!!
hell myself for this one -_____-' huh!!!
i was listening to my boss but i was so noisy * a quite noisy hahaha.

well, i have to tell you somethin' guys! 
now this year I'm with my own besties that i was fellin' to him. how could it happened. i tried to change my butts moving into other class. but i didn't made it. yup! may be being in a one class with him would be better. cause it maybe will let my feelings to him goes away naturally. i don't wanna roll out to this feelings. its just sucks!

and also in the other side i was playin snakes with ma new buddies in the BSEC community. they were nice and so welcoming all of us that wants to join the reptilizers. especially snake lovers. yup I'm a snake lover for sure. i feel so excited today. *lazy to type a long story of this one cause i just get tired and remembered my senior classmate that was so annoying me. he was just like kicking my butts ha ha ha.

hmm, i felt sorry that i couldn't sit there for a long time. cause i fell down so sick right now -_-" i hate to be sick and now i just sitting to fight my sicknesses. ahay yayayayayyappppieeee hahahha
well nothing else to share to you guys. im feeling so lazy hahahahha hehe PEACE MAN !

better than PAC-man hahhahay :p 
bye ladies and gentlemen i gotta go and take a rest :)
big hugsss


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