Friday, 22 July 2011

my Make-Up :)

first is the BLUZZY-funkish
its playin with all the bright colours and added by some randomness that makes her look so HOT with bluzzt half eye :). 
Model: Navisha Maulita Dewi

second is, the INDIE goths. only used a blacken eye as the base. its an ordinary Gothic whitten eye colours.
seems cool for parties :) i didn't took her full body post a damn on me cause i lost my flash disk and only left thus. so sorry guys !
Model: Diang Herahmahdinar

this my sexiest preparations. cause i really prepared it well than the two modellings up there, the reason is cause i and Melissa had talked for this EGYPTIAN Arabian style for a long time man! so, this is the really and the most baked style. 
its so sexy and i titled it the Egypt-Arabian style, looks 
so hot with the gold reddish and the golden powder as the base of her face.
Model: Melissa Arifin El-maida

that's all !!
well, now I'm tryin to work on somethin new! but i gotta make it more SEXY AND HOT buddies! hahha
it must be takin a long tie cause I'm preparing a lot things. and for sure not onle for my make-upping. other sides, is my stuffs and my school stuffs B)

well guys! hope you like it and PLEASE NO COPYING MY SWAGGER cause its in included in @ALL COPYRIGHTS of me hahha. thanks for your passings and hope comments are above it now, write down and fill out my c-box :) thanks once again guys!


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