Saturday, 25 June 2011

Well Done !

hey jrkyz'zs tis is my official new blog. i forgot to post some sticky randomness. its all cause im really busy with my school stuffs. first is, i just had my summer time after havig my exams for passing to the next grade. and exactly after my hard working, i just finished my 10th grade. we'll hit the next level. hahahha. yeah im bored with the 10th grade. the rason is only cause i have to carry on of a lot of subjects. including the science subjects. well, now im a socialers not sciencers :p hahahha!

yeah i'm happy cause im nt included in the sciencers. hahhaha. i think now im not connected. cause im thinking a lot of things right now. 
in this blog i really want to fix it as better as i could. so, im back later on ok guys1
lovyaaa! - dont forget for following this official blog guys! lovyaaa more than megan fox's ass! hahahaha 

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