Monday, 27 June 2011


Ok then! We r …

Ok now! Honestly, I can’t hide my feelings. Cause I really missed my best friend. Well, I don’t wanna talk about who he is. Cause that’s not really important.but I want to share about how I feel when im being his closest girl only for sharing his stories and tell his days.

First is, I cant even understand why I fallin into my besties. That’s not even funny! I hate it. I hate the condition while he talks about another girl that he’s on crush with her. I felt that all. I cant lie that I really feel burning. But I thank God that I still keep smiling when he talks about her. How couldn’t I don’t tear out my tears. When he shows me the girl’s picture, I was stucked and keeping a large smile on my face. Great! Really great that I could keep my tears infront of him.
But when, I arrived that human at last I was with my mom. Thanks for mommy that always stands beside me. Cause if there wasn’t mom with me I feel I want to die by the time I spent my day with him. The first act is- let my tears falls out!!!!

“ he showed and told me everything mom! And this is really not good! I was smiling but actually I cant handle myself! Cause at that time I just realized that im really loving or fallin my own besties. I hate this all! I don’t want my friendship that we build would ends only cause of my feelings. Its better for me to sacrifice this feelings. I just want him to move on and could stand like his dreams. Like what he wants. Like what he hoped all this time. Whenever you need me, I promised myself to hide this all especially my truth feelings and go ahead to you and help you. I wouldn’t be selfish to you. I don’t want my ego to win against me. At least I could make u moving on and always fight what keeps u stucked. I promised that this all, all my kindness, my smiles, my helpings, are not sold with the egos or the selfishness of me! Of my damn feelings. I really love u and all that’s in you. I promise to be always your besties. I promised I promised I promised and one thing that if I broke my promise I wouldn’t pay this all by anything. Its so precious. I want you to be always happy, u don’t have to bother about me my best friend. You’re my boy and we’ll keep moving to catch the sky and be the top of the mountain. We’ll be the number one! Starting from now, later and our future or even when we grow old!”

I LOVE YOU MY BESTFRIEND and I would do anything to hide my feelings!
That’s all. I just want to type that! I have to carry out the others right now! Bye lovya all J

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Well Done !

hey jrkyz'zs tis is my official new blog. i forgot to post some sticky randomness. its all cause im really busy with my school stuffs. first is, i just had my summer time after havig my exams for passing to the next grade. and exactly after my hard working, i just finished my 10th grade. we'll hit the next level. hahahha. yeah im bored with the 10th grade. the rason is only cause i have to carry on of a lot of subjects. including the science subjects. well, now im a socialers not sciencers :p hahahha!

yeah i'm happy cause im nt included in the sciencers. hahhaha. i think now im not connected. cause im thinking a lot of things right now. 
in this blog i really want to fix it as better as i could. so, im back later on ok guys1
lovyaaa! - dont forget for following this official blog guys! lovyaaa more than megan fox's ass! hahahaha